Washington State's Senate To Vote

jodik_gwFebruary 1, 2012

I apologize if this issue has been covered already, but I don't think it's been covered through an opinion piece like this...

I found this story to be one of great faith, courage, love... and fear that shouldn't exist... in all, it's a story of family and love... and how our society denigrates it because it doesn't conform...

Please read the comments following the story for a deeper view...

Here is a link that might be useful: Inside Our Scary, Society-Destroying Family...

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Thanks, jodik, for posting this. I'm proud to live in Washington State and also proud to be a member of the United Church of Christ, which actually ordains LGBT people.

This has been the subject of a raging discussion in my local newspaper, online. I'm sure it will also go before the citizens as a referendum in November. Since the people, in 2009, voted for recognition of domestic partnerships, I think the referendum will be voted down. At least I hope it will. From the comments posted on the online local newspaper, it seems the majority of people in my somewhat rural area also support marriage equality. Those in opposition are the Bible thumpers. One woman who was a minister wrote a LTE in support of marriage equality. One poster, in response, said she wasn't a Christian and would burn in hell. So much for "judge not".

The Senate has the required votes and so does the House in Washington. So, now it is up to the ones who oppose it to get enough signatures to get it on the ballot.

Many of our large Washington-based corporations are publicly in favor of it - Microsoft and Starbucks come to mind. As I said, it's great to live in a state with an enlightened (mostly) population.

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Hooray for Washington!

Can someone do a state count down?

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This was my favorite response"
And some people are born without fully functioning brains, yet they still find their way onto the internet to spout their uneducated opinions.


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My pleasure, Dockside... I'm sure you know how I feel about the issue. I really hope Washington sets an example that more states will follow... once people see it's not the ruination of the world it's purported to be, and the sky won't fall! It hasn't fallen yet! ;-)

As you know, I'm not religious... but you don't need to be to see the good in people, and I have a lot of respect for a group that realizes people are people, and there is no specific mold for a loving family. Love and mutual respect is what makes a family a family.

Anyway... I found it a very good story, and I feel sad that a little child has to ask if a law will dismantle her family.

I would like to see marriage equality for all consenting adults a Federally recognized law, instead of being forced to wait for each state to squabble over the issue.

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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)

I believe there are six States that have legalized same sex marriage

Massachusetts in 2004 and was the first state to do so

Connecticut in 2008

Iowa in 2009

Vermont in 2009

New Hampshire 2010

New York in 2011


The District of Columbia also in 2009

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We have been watching this closely since the govenor stepped out on it-now of course she is not running for re-election but better late than never. There was an incendiary letter to the editor last week that said that no country that has recogniged same sex marriage has not fallen!!! I go about in a hard hat with Canada so close by. I know the legislature would rather punt and let it go to referendum but I say you are getting paid to do this job-do it. We get too many referendums-no way to run a state. Oddly enough my gay friends dont as a whole seem to even want to get married-just have the choice.

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Some states also recognize civil unions... but it's not quite the same thing. They may be similar in nature, but more like separate status unequal to marriage... and as far as I'm aware, no organization or group holds the copyright or patent on the word "marriage".

I really don't see what possible negative effect marriage equality across the board would or could have on anyone, to be honest, but there are still plenty of persons and groups fighting tooth and nail to oppose same-sex marriage.

Ron, I always try to read at least a few of the comments that follow articles and stories... if nothing else, some are good for a laugh... and some just prove the idea that our nation is being "dumbed down"...

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