Biosphere gardening

hawks1282October 15, 2012


I have an ivy cutting in my office which has sprouted roots, and seems to be thriving (picture attached). The only problem I have with it is the container (a Klein Bottle

has developed a tremendous amount of algae, and is nearly impossible to clean. I remembered that there are certain types of shrimp and snails which eat algae, and wound up finding an article describing how to create a biosphere (

My idea is to remove the ivy, place one of the Amano shrimp in the Klein Bottle with the plants, snails, and stones suggested in the article, then replace the ivy.

My question is, will the shrimp eat the roots of the ivy, or will it only go after the algae and Hornwort? Will the water chemistry required to support the biosphere damage the ivy?


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I've done some more research, and found a few more articles on the topic, and it looks like this particular type of shrimp (Japonica Amano), and the snails that I've ordered (Malaysian Trumpet snails and Bladder Snails) won't bother living plants. In addition, the trumpet snails are supposed to be good for keeping underwater soil aerated without attacking roots.

Interesting article on the topic here

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