Moles...garlic? mint?

carolwill2(z8 WA)October 16, 2001

I've heard that if you're persistant you can get rid of moles in your garden by putting garlic or mint in their holes/runways. Has anyone tried this? Did it work?

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I heard a unopened pack of spearmint gum down the hole works, Don't know if it works or not but worth a try.

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I understand that there now is a commercial soil treatment available for them.

Is there anything similar for gophers?


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Moles only want grubs and worms. No interest in the other stuff. If you want to get them, use a squirt of kritter killer. Works for me.

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John_D(USDA 8b WA)

Why bother? Moles rarely stay long in one place and they don't eat roots or bulbs.

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An item called milky spore will kill the grubs that the moles are after. Is said to last for a few years. And, it's supposed to be environmentally friendly. I think its a beneficial fungus. Old-timers used castor bean plants, I think. There's something in it that moles and gophers aren't supposed to like.

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i like decon down their holes, then cover,but not in a yard with dogs. it works!

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Belgianpup(Wa/Zone 7b)

A friend of mine used cat poop & wet litter on voles. Just opened the hole, put down the goodies, & closed it back up. She now has NO voles -- they all went to the neighbor's yard.

I, too, live in WA, & I can't really tell the mole mounds from the vole mounds. We have both, since the cats usually bring us their trophies. I don't see the raised tunnels that we used to see in So. Cal., but I use mulch in the garden areas, which may be disguising them.

The problem with moles, I understand, is that they don't reuse their tunnels, as they always tunnel into a new area for grubs & worms.

And, as John D. said, they don't really harm anything, except for the unsightlyness of the mounds.

I don't know if the plant Gopher Purge would work or not, but I've got some seed if you want it.


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carolwill2(z8 WA)

Thank you for all your input.

I didn't even know about voles...when viewing the picture of the little varmet it looks just like what the cat brought to the door. They eat roots and bulbs and I have had about 10 evergreen shrubs die in the past 2 years (in the same area). Their holes look like the mole holes but the picture didn't show any dirt mound around the hole.

Last year I bought castrol oil grub control and 2 ultra sonic gadgets and I still had them digging up the yard!

Thanks again, (:o)Carol

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In a quasi test at an experimental garden, I compared juicy fruit gum one year and chocolate laxative the next: gum - no noticeable results; chocolate laxative - no new runs, dead moles. Use gloves so there is no human smell. If you can find the nest, its best to drop pieces in it [make a hole with a skewer, etc]; otherwise, put in main runs which are usually close to something permanent like foundation walls, walks etc

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Stella, you heard spearment gum--I heard an unwrapped stick of juicyfruit! It's supposed to "gum up their works". They can't digest it.

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Poopsie doubt. We had a persistant pest that tore up half our back yard. the only thing that did the trick was to dig into the tunnel, place back to back traps (baited with apple and carrot), place a board to block light over the hole, and more problem. Sounds cruel, but there was just the one gopher causing all that trouble, and we didn't want poison around our cats. We researched the gum and plants, and smoke...etc...traps was the big winner.

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gardnpondr(Zone 8)

I use the caster bean seed for mine. I just stick the seeds in the tunnels here and there. The seed can be found at Walmart. ALSO a read in a tips and idea book the other day that they dont like any kind of vibrations. They said use those wirly jigs that you played with as kids. Stick them in the ground around where their tunnels are and they will leave if the wind keeps the jigs going. :)

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Kay_H(NE MI-Z5)

The only way to get rid of moles permenently is to get rid of their food source: grubs. Milky spore disease works, takes a couple of years to establish well in the lawn, has to be reapplied every few years and is expensive. If you have a small yard, this would work for you.

I have 3 acres of yard so it is really out of the question. Last year our drought was so bad it killed most of the grass and even the weeds in the lawn. I thought to myself, well on the good side, there is nothing for the grubs to feed on so maybe we won't have such a bad infestation of Japenese beetles next year. No sign of the beetles yet, but June isn't over by a long shot...but no moles either. That has to be a good sign.


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byrdzeye(z5 OH)

Moles also feed on earthworms. You'd have to kill those too.

For anyone that says they don't stay around long or do much damage hasn't seen a bad infestation.

We had a really bad mole problem when we moved in 6 years ago. You couldn't mow without raking the mounds out first.

Got a Golden Retriever 4 years ago. The first year, she made a mess but was killing a few. Now she has learned to wait for them to come near the surface, barely digs at all and catches them almost everytime.

This spring she shattered a toe bone (unrelated to mole hunting) and was in a cast for 6 weeks. Moles moved back in and had a great time. Yard was a mess.

Within 12 hours of cast removal she caught 2. One that evening when I took her out, the other the next morning.

This is just a testimonal, I'm certainly not suggesting you go get a dog.

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In April we tried the commercial castor oil spray that you attatch to the end of your hose and soak the area with. Sprayed the yard and garden where our mole liked to hang out. The tropical plants in the garden seemed to love the stuff - they got a great start on their spring growth. The mole hid under our patio slab until the castor oil dissipated, then returned to his old haunts. The only damage he does is a raised trail in the grass, and he eats the grubs, so we called a truce and he can stay as long as he behaves himself.

Now, what to do about the armadillo that has started rooting through my flower beds?

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Lois1(FL - 9)

Chocolate laxative - drop pieces in home or active run. Wear gloves so no human scent. This remedy won at the experimental garden

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I'm now resrting to^pouring gas down each hole and runway.....nothing else has worked so far

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KMcNeill(z6 IN)

From what I understand mole tunnels are also used by rodents (mice) that will eat bulbs & plants. I will try garlic powder - but never saw moles just their tunnels.

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Try germinating the castor bean seeds and plant the seedlings. I have read that the plants put out an odor that moles and voles can't stand. Unlike the castor oil sprays this one doesn't wash away. Just take precaution, as the seeds and plants are poisonous (don't plant if kids will be around). Most pets don't have an interest.

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Luvwest(z6b NW-AR)

Armadillo---22 cal. I am an armadillo Ace!

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kymmieann(z6 NJ)

I hear Marigolds work too.

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The moles have not returned to the runs into which I placed garlic tubes from Gemplers. There are also garlic clips to deter deer which have worked in some locations, especially for Hosta and Heuchera and Heucherella.

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