New & improved way to cover?

melaroma(6)October 9, 2011

I saw a shrub cover in a magazine called improvements that has drawstrings in the top and bottom for easy installation. In the description it say that it protects your shrubs from the winter wind and late frosts. I am wondering if by buying the largest size and then filling it with leaves if it would protect the hydrangea well enough. I'm tired of putting up the chicken wire and i hate the look of it all winter long. The cover is an attractive green with a nice leaf design that i think would look way better than the chicken wire. What are your thoughts on this?

Here is a link:

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ejr2005(Eastern MA)

I used them last year and they worked very well. They aren't made really well though. Just check them before you try to put them on the shrubs. I think maybe out of 12 covers maybe three had a problem - in one the tie was sewn down so I couldn't tighten it, one broke, etc. One I had to return (bought locally). I bought them late in the season and was trying to put them on quickly in the cold. Most of the problems could have been fixed with minor sewing, pinning, etc.

I'll definitely use them again this season. I think I tied the bottom shut, then stuffed them with oak leaves, then tied the top shut. This may have been the opposite of what the instructions told you to do. I was worried about critters getting inside, but saw no damage. I took them off probably later than recommended, but actually saw new green leaves inside to my surprise. I'm thinking that taking them off later in the season may be the thing to do again to protect against late frosts.

Everything did really well this year. I had mostly new hydrangeas. I was worried about my small Blue Bird which looked like just dead stalks when I took the cover off. But it proceeded to get tons of new flowers coming up from the ground and has done beautifully all year. We did have the added benefit of lots of snow cover last winter.

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Oh, I am so happy to hear that! I was thinking of doing it the same way that you mentioned: tying the bottom then filling with leaves and then tying the top. Sound so much easier that the chicken wire. I hadn't thought of buying these locally so I will need to check before I order them online, you never know where you'll find them cheaper. Did you find them at a big box store or a local garden center? Thanks for your response!

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ejr2005(Eastern MA)

I found them in a local garden center. Don't remember the prices, but each size came in a set of three which was cheaper than buying three individually.

This year I'm thinking of doing burlap on ones that probably have gotten too big for the bags. Waiting for a 50% off coupon at Joanns.

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