Plant to hide the Electrical box and Meter

newoldhouserApril 22, 2008

Hi. We are building in the country and went with underground electricity. As a result we have a big (about the size of an air conditioner) green box with a meter on top. It is a good distance from the house but I would still like to hide it in some way. I do not like those ornamental grasses. And I prefer flowering plants. Any suggestions?


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davidandkasie(Z8 MS)

whatever you plant there, keep in mind that the POCO can and will destroy it when they need access to the transformer in the box if it is in their way at all.

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well, let's see, 2 or 3 forsythia. they get pretty big and are so pretty in spring and green in summer but they will be bare in winter. camellias stay green all year and flower in fall/winter/spring depending on variety. you could find one that would fit your need in that spot. what about a little gem magnolia, also an evergreen? any of these you could place a little away from the box in between the box and your place, and then the power co would have access if needed.

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OLEANDER - perfect size, perfect for hot dry neglected areas way out by those boxes. Water deeply once or twice a week for the first 3 months if there is no rain, and you're pretty much set.

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Thanks Everyone! What is so sad, is now I have to go look up your suggestions to see what they look like. I know nothing about plants and gardening, but I am trying to learn.
Thanks Again.

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We just moved into a new home and have one of those ugly green boxes on the side yard....we went with oleander - they grow quickly, are evergreen, and have the most beautiful blossoms - ours were just planted in November and already have blooms. Plus, love the fact, that they're pretty maintenance-free.

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One caveat with oleander, they are extremely poisonous, as are a lot of plants. Just keep that in mind if you have kids or dogs.

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grandad_2003(9A/sunset 28)

I planted a Satsuma tree in front of the one in my yard.

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