Overwintering Fuschia

TomNovember 7, 2001

Has anyone ever been successful in overwintering Fuschia? I live in Boise, ID which is zone 6 and considered Inland Northwest.If so, how do you do it?

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I have this old houseplant book that says fuschias can be grown as houseplants altho I havent tried it yet.
It requires bright light - east facing windows are best
and moderate water but shouldnt be allowed to go dry.
It said something about fuschia losing all their leaves in later fall/winter and to continue watering it but not keep it too soggy and within a few weeks new leaves should sprout and it can be brought out in later spring.

Hope that helps.......

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weebus(Z8 Sunset 5 WA)

Cut it back to the edge of the pot and stick it in the garage. Put some water on it every now and again.

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Thanks weebus. I'll give it a try.

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standard(5B S Ontario Ca)

Try this web site everything you want about fushia

Here is a link that might be useful: fushia

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Very, very useful web site. Thanks.

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plug_grower(Z8 Wa)

I grow them and winter them .Im in Wa zone 8 a little warmer then you are. Fuchsia can withstand about 40 degrees and not much colder. Keep moist and darkness. I just took mine out of darkness 1 week ago and brought them to greenhouse to start growing for the coming sales season, Iwill send you some pictures of my opertion.

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vicd(6 AK USA)

I am in SE Alaska and have never tried overwintering fuschia. I heard on "gardening with Ciscoe (Seattle) that you can put them in the garage. It is colder here than Seattle, but I can put them in darkness where it won't get colder than 50 degrees.

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Or you could move to S.Calif !! I don't do anything to mine,except trim them back.

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IMHO Fuchsia, a lot of them can live and even flower a bit under 40F outside. I have one 'hardy' Fuchsia in the ground for 4 or 5 years. When temp falls below 32F, I surround the plant with wall o' water; overwintered the plant this way for years.

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Fantastic results! I start decreasing water after most of the flowers have fallen off, move to my unheated attic in an easterly facing window and just water once every few weeks to keep the roots healthy. All of the leaves fall off eventually and it starts growing closer to spring. I trim it down to about half way early spring and my fuschias are all 3-4 feet high with 100's of flowers!! I also put impatiens, geraniums, and asparagus ferns all in the same place.....works GREAT for all of them. I just rotate them all since direct window space is at a premium.

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