Solviva anyone?

DLuken_BrullNovember 4, 2001

Has anyone built or know of anyone that has built a greenhouse based on Anna Edey's system using chickens for heat? I just ordered her book "Solviva" and was hoping to hear some success stories!

I first read about her in a 1994 artical in the news paper and have been intriged ever since.

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Excellent. I've been trying to justify a chicken. Based on the stretching of logic, I think I can now justify a flock. Why stop with the greenhouse when winter is just 'round the corner, and the gas utility is trying to make up for the mild fall?

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just heard about and bought the book myself, so i basically have the same questions as you. I'd also like to hear from folks who've tried the plans. We are looking at home plans and considering the 1200 ft. Solviva plan.

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I'm interested in all her plans-has anyone used the biofilter plans she had for septic systems?

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