climbing hydrangea topiary

pcbuttOctober 13, 2008

I would like to try and make a topiary from a climbing hydrangea. Does anyone have any ideas or thoughts on this. I have searched on the web and can't find any info on this. Any suggestions would be great.

Thanks, Sarah

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Just my thoughts:
There could be a problem keeping the hydrangea trimmed to shape. Climbing hydrangeas are aggressive growers, once established. My climbing hydrangea blooms only on old wood so if I pruned it, except right after it blooms and before setting buds for next year, I would have only foliage, no blooms. If that is all you want....little or no might work.

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Thanks for your reply, I really waant it to bloom, and I 'm not sure what shape I want. Just started getting interested in topiary's. Made some with ivy in the bottom of the pot and planted sreppables in moss on the top. I'll see how these turn out. I get too many ideas, now I need to
get busy cleaning up the garden for winter!!!

Thanks, Sarah

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