Growing Pear Trees

wjb123April 18, 2009

Last spring (2008) I planted three pear trees. A Baldwin, Pineapple and a Hood. The Hood was a 3 ft. bare root planting and the other two I found at our local co-op in gallon containers and were about 4-5 ft. tall.

The Baldwin and the Pineapple pear trees bloomed nicely this spring and now they have very young pears growing. The Baldwin has about 15-20 fruits but the Pineapple has over 50 which seems like a lot for the size of the tree. Both of these trees are about the same size (2in. dia. and about 6-7 ft. tall) and the fruits now range in size from the tip of my thumb to the tip of my little finger.

So here is my question, should I remove some the fruit from the Pineapple pear tree?

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I would think that if you don't the fruit will break the tree much less weaking it to the point where it may not be able to bear well for a good while

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Thanks wally,

Yeah I decided to remove about 20 of the new pears on the Pineapple tree. The pears were in clusters of threes and fives so I remove a couple from each cluster.

I did not remove any from the Baldwin as they were spaced out nicely and not weighing down any particular limb.

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where in georgia i can find baldwin pear

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I was wondering if a asian pear or apple pear would grow here in south louisiana

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wisner_gw wisner This LSU piece gives the recommended varieties.

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