cheap hydroponic greens

mycarbumps(Zone 6b E.TN)November 10, 2002

here is an experament for growing mustard or other greens hydroponically without having to spend years learing all about how hydroponics works.

materials required:

1-4qt or larger rubermaid tub

1-aquarium air pump


2-ft of 1/4" airline tubing


1 piece of styrofoam board (craft store)

1-rock to weigh down airstone

1-pkg miricle grow


take the styrofoam board and cut it so that it can fi into the bottom of the rubermaid container then take it back out. then take a nail heated over a candle to burn 1/2" holes about 2 inches apart and 2" away from the sides of the board. shove cotton into each hole (when cool) add 2-3 seeds for any type of green leafy crop i recomend mustard seed. cover with a VERY small piece of cotton ball. fill rubermaid container about 2/3 up with water containing miricle grow mixed at about 1/4 its normal strength. now hook up the air pump and air stone in the middle of the container, then float the styrofoam board as a "raft" on top of the water. it will shake and move a bit because of the bubbles but it should sprout within 2-3 days and its fun to watch the white part grow down and the green part grow up. please email me if you have any questions about this or other hydroponic stuff. thank you ~Ryan

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Ryan...I wanted to try hydroponic growing and this looks like a good way to start. I'll gather up the stuff I need, if I have any problems I'll call on you.

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