Erysimum (Bowles Mauve) Wallflower

Django(z9 LA)April 8, 2005

My six year old insisted that we buy this as we strolled through the garden center of a local big box store. These purchases get to be "his" flowers and he takes some pride in the fact that "his" flowers (like vincas and impatiens) are often blooming while "mine" are not.

For myself, I never buy things that Home Depot and Lowes stock that I have never seen in a local garden. Every spring I see palettes of scotch brooms in bloom in the stores and I never see them around town. They must rot immediately upon contact with our soggy soil.

Does anyone have any practical experience with this wallflower? Is it a perennial or biennial? Will it spread, self-sow or just rot in the ground?


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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

Hope somebody can answer this, as I'd like to know too. Some gardening catalog or something sent me a package of seed some years ago, and I said 'hmmph, they sure don't know what they're doing' and sent it to someone out on the left coast (most my family is out there) where I thoght it had a chance of living. But then I read something that gave me the idea I should have tried them, and maybe those guys knew what they were doing. (I've learned very few of 'those guys' have any idea of what it's like down here! Mostly they seem to think California's z9 is the same as ours. Ha!) Anyway--hope someone will chime in!

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alameda/zone 8

I bought this plant as a one gallon last spring in bloom, figuring it would die when the weather got hot. I had it planted in a bed surrounding a tree where it got morning sun. To my surprise, it survived past the spring and into our 105 degree summer, still thriving. It has now spread and is putting out bloom stalks. I have read up on it, it lives 2-3 years but is easily propogated from cuttings, survives drought and reports are favorable. I bought it at a junk store that sells plants while traveling to Tyler, Tx. I stopped there yesterday, found out the exact name of the plant and they will have more in this spring - I plan to set out several more. This has been an interesting and very satisying plant for me and if it survives a Texas summer, it has to be tough! Blooms a long time and they are lovely!

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