St. Augustine Sod

mrbdm99April 12, 2007

Hi everyone! We are just getting into gardening at home, but before we do that, I am going to till my lawn, get the pH set correctly and put down some new grass. I am looking for St. Augustine sod and I have found it at a few places here, the lowest priced being 165 a pallet. That doesn't sound bad, but I just want to make sure I get the lowest price I can, so I am hoping that someone on here might be able to help!

I am located in Jackson, MS and I would be willing to drive further south for good, well priced sod. I wouldn't drive so far that gas prices eat my savings, but I can work those numbers later! ANY help would be great.

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Have you done a soil sample yet? Thats the first thing you should do before anything else before you go adding things to your soil. Also tilling will leave your yard lumpy and uneven. Get someone with a tractor and blade to prepare your yard for sodding. It want take them long at all to have it ready and your lawn will be nice and level. And now that you have your results back from that soil sample and the lawn is nice and even , you are ready for that sod purchase.
As for the best prices on sod I cant help there but one other thing you should consider and inquire about is what St. Augustine does good in your area. There are different varieties of it.
You should post over on the Lawn Care Forum. There are several guys on that forum that are very informed. One guy is even a sod grower.
Hope this helps and sorry about the prices,

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Thanks for the info about the other forum! I have already had several soil tests done to find out what I need to add. I will be doing something different to get the yard nice and even as there is no room for a tractor in the yard due to my Oaks!

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