HAVE: Heirloom Beans from Seed Savers

trsinc(8 TX)February 20, 2008

Will trade for flowers or herbs.

The heirloom beans are all from seed savers. I ordered them this year but have more than my garden can handle.

Cherokee Trail of Tears - Black bean; Green 6" pods with purple stripes, good for snaps and dry beans. Pole habit, 85 days.

Golden Lima Bean - Similar in appearance to limas, but not a true lima. Pole habit, heavy cropper, 85-90 days

Asparagus or Winged Pea - Very interesting!! Not related to asparagus or peas. Pods best eaten when small - under 1 inch. Thrives in poor soil, pretty purple flowers, low growing and spreads laterally. Will tolerate a frost and continue to produce into the fall if kept well picked; 60-75 days.

Hidasta Red Bean - Shell bean or dry. Sprawling bush plants will climb to 3' if given support. 80-90 days.

ITALIAN VEGIES FROM growitalian.com

Broccolie Rabe (Cima di rapa, quarantina)

Cultivated Dandelion - for eating in salads, etc.

If you're interested, please contact me at tmorfour@yahoo.com

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I've sent you an email.

Here is a link that might be useful: My List

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trsinc(8 TX)

jwm1960, I sent you an email too.

To everyone else, I'm all traded out now. Thank you to all who contacted me! :)

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