Newbie questions veggie growth

julieann_growApril 21, 2006

I've planted my veggies in my wonderful new, organic garden and it is beautiful! Everything is growing great and I don't have many pests and some good beneficials have shown up. But, since I have never done this before, I am not sure what to expect in terms of production. So here are some questions:

Celebrity tomatoes have 20 or more blossums, but only two small tomotoes.

Eggplants (4 varities) have numerous very small blossums but no fruit and several blossums have dropped off.

Snap beans have reached height of 7 ft and I snapped off the tops (since I can't reach any higher). No blossums yet, just lots of foliage.

Yellow squash...I'm already first veg!!

Is the above all normal or do I need to adjust something??

I went thru big efforts to bring in good soil, ammended with earthworm castings, compost and a 10-10-10 organic fertilizer when I built the beds in first 2 wks of March. I probably overdid it since the soil test shows everything as "very high" but, at least, there is balance among the nutrients. Ph is 7.18. I planted in mid-march.

Thanks for your help.


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Everything is ok but you may not should have pinch your beans off they will fold down with weight and sometimes all blooms don't makeit. good luck Jim

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