Calling ALL Little Lime Hydrangea Growers

CreatedToCook(CA 10a/SunsetZn. 22)October 3, 2013

Anyone with photos of and experience with growing little lime hydrangeas... Will you PLEASE, PLEASE share your photos, both past and recent pictures. I would LOVE to hear your experience with growing them. I live in semi-coastal Southern California and I had plans to plant full size Limelight hydrangeas... Until I was told that may not be a wise idea through the insightful limelight growers on Gardenweb. So now I'm turning my attention to the Little Limes in the hopes they will grow to the more manageable size that my modest suburban yard will accomodate.... and behave the way I need. How far from a house wall do you figure I need to plant them?
How quickly will they grow? If I want a hedge of Little Limes... How far apart should I plant them? What other plants do you grow with them? I have dark slightly clay soil... How much Ammending to I need to do for them to thrive? Thank you in advance for your responses.

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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

Until some actual growers of LL see your post, this link might help you:

Because your growing season is long like mine, the shrub's dimensions may not be the smaller one of the range given on the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: LL Info from Proven Winners

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I am not going to be much help answering your question as I just planted a row of Little Limes this summer. I broke a row of LL with double pink KO roses (LL-KO-LL-KO). I don't really know how they will behave, they are still babies, but I planted them three feet away from the fence and left three and half feet between each LL and KO, if I remember correctly. So far I can tell that both species have the same light and water requirements, they like our MD sun. They never wilted if I missed the watering schedule, and we had pretty dry month of July.
My soil is clay, I amended it with very generous portion of compost, but I have a feeling that I did it more for my own peace of mind, and LL and KO will survive and grow well in any soil with once a week of generous watering.
I do not know how tall LL will grow, manufacturer's description says they will not get taller and wider than four feet, depending on the length of the growing season. I did not watch them closely, but I think they added about 10 " since I first got them in June. And LL flowered, which is really nice for the first year plant. KO flowered, too, indeed lol:. Clusters are the same lime-green as Lime Lite's with the same pink hue in the fall. Lime green LL clusters and bright pink KO roses look nice together, sort of french classic match of colors....Stems are rather strong and hold most of the clusters nicely.
Sorry, that's all I know about them, next year I will have more information :)

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CreatedToCook(CA 10a/SunsetZn. 22)

Ella_2012: Would you happen to have any pictures??? Your description of your planting sounds so lovely. PLEASE share some pictures when you get a chance. I would LOVE to see them for inspiration and I'm sure others on here would too!... Thank you for your thoughtful response to my question.

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gumneck 7A Virginia

Here is a little lime (left of the verbena) that has been in my yard for two to three years. I have limelight, little lime and little lamb in various spots. The little lamb and little lamb are about half the size of the limelights, which are huge. I took out the rudbeckia and verbena since they were taking over and mildewed. The photo is from July.

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Ella, I think you're going to have big problems because of the closeness of your plantings. The knockouts will get LARGE and quite wide. Feel that one or the other needs to be transplanted to another area this fall. Knockouts can be planted on 7' centers and fill your spot.

HTH, Rosie

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

Little Lime seems to flop more than Limelight.

My three year olds take up a 40" x 40" footprint.

All in all nice plants. Now that the stems are a bit thicker I'm going to cut back a 1/3 so I get more bushy branching and more but smaller blooms next spring.

These pics are as of today in zone 5a...had a couple light frosts already.

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whass. what a great selection you made for that spot. The colors compliment the brick and siding beautifully.

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I love my Little Lime. It doesn't take a whole lot of care. Mine gets part shade and part sun and seems quite happy. I think a row of them would look gorgeous. Right now, it's November so it has turned a dusty rose color which looks great with my Japanese Maple and Barberry shrub (not shown in this pic)

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hello little lime lovers.........I planted my first ll about 2 weeks ago. it is doing great. it is even going to bloom! but I noticed that the leaves are much smaller than the leaves in some of your pictures here on this little lime thread., do the leaves get bigger as the plant grows..or gets older? I also planted a lime light and it also has very small leaves.......any thoughts for me...

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springwood_gardens(6B Pittsburgh)

Leaf and flower size is proportionate to stem thickness.

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These are my Little Lime; they are about 3 yrs. old. Get all day sun. Last year they were about 5 ft. tall, grew larger than this picture shows. They are extremely easy care. Once they were established, I have not even watered them at all. Could be that they may grow larger than your space allows.

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Closeup of Little Lime...

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sally6340..............beautiful pictures. my leaves are half that size and my stems are not red!! I also just planted a vanilla strawberry and its stems are

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Thanks, casagrande! I think it was just the lighting though that made those stems look red. Last year was my 1st year with VanillaStrawberry & the stems could not support the blooms. :( I'm hoping for better results this year.

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CreatedToCook(CA 10a/SunsetZn. 22)


Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures. They look lovely.

What area do you live in?

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Thank you. I live in southern OH.

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