WANTED: Crowder Peas +Crease Backs +Yardlongs +

twosunsaz(z9 AZ)April 29, 2009

Hi , Any one out there have some of these to trade?

I'm looking for:

Black Crowders

Brown Crowders

Knuckle Crowders

Crease Back Beans

Red Noodle Yard Long Beans

Turkey Craw Beans

White Whipporwill Pea

Piggots Family Heirloom Pea

Edamame Soybeans(Envy, Beer Friend,etc)

I have these items to offer in trade:

CT Pinkeye Purplehull

Pinkeye Purplehull Quick Pick

Pinkeye Purplehull BVR

Elite Southern Pea

Texas Cream Pea #8

Mammoth Melting Sugar Snowpea

Super Sugar Snap Pea

Fortex Bean

King of the Garden Bean

Christmas Lima Pole Bean

Thanks for looking.

~ Scott ~

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twosunsaz(z9 AZ)

Have found the Black crowders and the Brown crowders.

Still looking for the other items.

Also have multiplying onions to trade.
~ Scott ~

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

I have (40 beans) of the Akasanjaku (extra long red seeded yard long beans). I would like to trade for a split , some of your purple hull, and some of your cream peas. That is, If you are still interested. I do not know your varieties so if you have a preference between the varieties, that is the one I want. I also have some white half runners.

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twosunsaz(z9 AZ)

Hi Wantonamara,
Yes- I'm still interested. I would like some of your Akasanjaku and also some of your White Half Runners. I have Texas Cream #8 and several varieties of Pinkeye Purplehulls- Texas Pinkeye,Quickpick Pinkeye,and Pinkeye Purplehull BVR. They are all fresh seed from Willhites-got them a couple months back. Let me know which ones you want. I can do 40 seeds or more ,if you want more. Send me an E-mail with your mailing address and I'll send them ASAP

~ Scott ~

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