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swarminaOctober 3, 2011

We just returned from England. I was able to bring a piece of a hydrangea that I found lying under the mother plant at Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh. ( husband is sure I snapped off a piece of it. tempting sometimes, but I really did just see this lying there, broken off) I kept it moist, wrapped in damp paper towels all the trip home. It is a bit of a woody piece, but had lots of leaves. I cut off two smaller and younger sprigs, as well as removing all the drooping leaves from the original piece and smaller ones I cut off. There are two small roots starting from that larger, woody stem. I wanted to ask for advice on the best possible way to get these babies off to being new plants. Obviously, they are very special cuttings, and I have never tried to propagate a hydrangea from cuttings before. Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Hydrangeas are really easy from cuttings. Here's a link.
I don't know what the soil is at Holyrood but would assume acid in which case your Hydrangea would have been blue. If your soil is not acid the hydrangea may end up pink.

P.S. a small point. If you were in Edinburgh you weren't in England ; )

Here is a link that might be useful: Hydrangea cuttings

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shoot...I knew that. Jet-lag brain! Sorry flora!

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