canna lilies and worms?

wodkaApril 25, 2008

I have never planted canna lilies before, and had, I thought, picked out a perfect pink one yesterday at our local nursery. It was very reasonably priced, and I questioned the owner about it. Then she started telling me how everyone in our area has trouble with them being infected with worms......well, honey, that did me in. I said, back to the drawing board and put it back.

Are worms a common problem here with cannas? How do you control them or is it worth the trouble?

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I've never had a problem with worms and cannas. Sometimes you might get a caterpillar dining on a leaf or two, but it's never a problem. And I have quite a few cannas.

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I have always had a problem with canna leaf rollers. They can be controlled, but you have to stay vigilent when they attack. Here's a site where you can get more info.

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