Newly planted Magnolia & yellow leaves

nolaphoto1April 24, 2010

Hello. I am new here and would appreciate any help anyone can offer. I recently purchased a house and the previous owners neglected the yard and this is my first attempt to both rehab the yard and perform a little landscaping. Three weeks ago, I planted a Little Gem Magnolia in the back yard. It was purchased in a 3 gal pot. Its trunk diameter was about 1-1/2inches. I dug the hole twice the size of the root ball and deep enough so that it sat level with the ground. I back filled the hole with a mixture of tree and shrub planting soil and top soil. I watered it to settle the soil and topped it off again. I watered the soil once more and topped with mulch. I have watered twice with miracle grow dissolved in the water and once without. We also had a good afternoon shower that gave everything a good soaking. Now, this morning I noticed that some of the leaves, the ones towards the ends of the little branches, have begun to turn yellow.

I have looked up this topic on here and found some older posts. Some with southern magnolias make it sound like this is fairly common in the spring. Can anyone verify that? Am I doing something wrong? The shrubs I planted at the same time seem to be doing fine.

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natal(Louisiana 8b)

Hi Nola, I'm no expert by any stretch, but I have planted a few trees. You may be over watering. I know it's a done deal, but it's generally not a good idea to add anything to the original soil unless you do it uniformly throughout the area, not just the planting hole. Fertilizer is usually not needed for newly planted trees. Don't use any more this year.

Here is a link that might be useful: videos on tree planting

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Bridget Helm

yeah. i've been told not fertilize anything new. i think the reasoning behind this is that it's probably been done at the nursery.

also, i planted a few trees last year and the year before. i remember worrying about their condition soon after planting. i thought they were dying. the landscaper said it's normal for them to experience stress the first year.

he was right because they are all thriving and happy now.

your little gem probably needs some time to adjust. my sweetbay magnolia is just starting to perk up. i planted him last year.

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Thanks for the replies. I walked around the neighborhood and notice some of the resident magnolias have some yellow and falling leaves. Perhaps it is just that time. I've stopped the fertilizing and just use water around the base of the new tree. Thanks.

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