Did I make a mistake in location?

RoseAbbeyOctober 9, 2009

I planted some pinky winkies along the east side of our house. The bed is 3 feet deep with about 1 foot of grass between the bed and the flag stone walkwalk. Is the bed deep enough for pinky winkies or am I going to be pruning them all the time to keep them off the walkway?

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Judging from my Pinky Winky I would say pruning will definitely be in order.


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I have a similiar situation with my sidewalk and my PinkyWinky. I prune it to the groud every year. It keeps it growing more upright and not to bushy. Plus the blooms are bigger when you hard prune. But I still end up pruning a few away from the sidewalk.

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Thanks for the replies. Should I prune them now? They still have beautiful flowers on them or can I wait until the frost kills them off. We have a gazebo we just built, I am considering maybe moving the pinkies around it, what do you think about that thought? Would the pinkies be too much around the gazebo?

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DON'T PRUNE THEM NOW! Wait until early winter through early spring. I do mine in early spring, so I have some winter interest. Wouldn't see why they would be to much for the gazebo. If you cut them to the ground when they hit maturity you will receive 16 inch long blooms!

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