Pole or Bush??

happyday(WI4a)January 21, 2007

While sorting seeds today I found a number of packs of beans I recently bought without knowing whether they are pole or bush or runner. The packs dont say and iirc the catalog didnt specify. If anybody can identify the following varieties I'd really appreciate it.


Dwf Horticultural Taylor (suspect this one is a bush)

Marrow Fat

Purple Queen

Jacob's Cattle

Black Valentine

Blue Goose

Rattlesnake (suspect this one is a pole)

Jackson Wonder Lima

Black Turtle

Florida Butter

Mon Petite Cheri

True Blue


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mwagt(z5 NE)


SSE's catalog has Jacob's Gold & Jacob's Cattle Gasless both listed as bush varieties. I'm guessing Jacob's Cattle is as well.
I received a couple varieties in trade this year that I see on your list. My trading partner wrote on the packets:

Purple Queen: Bush Bean, Turns green when cooked. 52 days. Source - Heirloom Acres Seeds.

Masai: Bush Green Bean, 47 days. Source - Pinetree Garden Seeds


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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

I'm certain of all but two:

Soldier - bush
Dwarf Horticultural Taylor - bush
Marrow Fat - bush
Purple Queen - bush
Jacob's Cattle - bush
Black Valentine - bush
Blue Goose - listed as bush lima by Heirloom Acres
Rattlesnake - pole
Jackson Wonder Lima - bush
Black Turtle - bush (with short runners)
Florida Butter - I suspect this is same as / similar to "Florida Speckled Lima", which is pole
Mon Petite Cheri - bush
True Blue - bush
Masai - bush

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There is a Blue Goose bean that is not a lima. It is on Southern Seed Legacy's list, #141. There is no growing info, but if the photo matches your bean, try contacting them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Southern Seed Legacy List

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Thanks guys

Found a great resource(pops) while researching this yesterday. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of cultivar names listed alphabetically. Descriptions match yours on all of them except one, the Blue Goose. The Blue Goose is a bit of a mystery, there must be several cultivars with that name.

Blue Goose might be a pole cowpea, a climbing lima or a climbing wax. At least I know to expect a vine. The seeds are not like the pic on SSL. They are kidney shaped, about 1/2" long, and a uniform dull greyish or brownish green, sort of a light olive green. The hilium is white with a faint bit of amber around it, and two amber dots, the micropyle and a little double bulb opposite the micropyle.

It looks more like a wax bean to me than a lima or cowpea. Guess I'll know more after I plant them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Searching the Plant Files

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