Hydrangea sprout

gardenapprenticeOctober 6, 2013

I was pruning my hydrangeas, while I was mad that my hydrangeas were still having buds break and grow, I noticed what I thought was root. I was soon trying to pull it up and came to find it was a branch grown under the soil and I found a sprouted hydrangea seedling on the branch I just potted it and it has very white fibourous roots can anyone tell me why my hydrangea is still growing and also tell if it was right to pot the seedling up and take it inside

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Congratulations on your baby hydrangea! Some branches that come in contact with the soil will sprout roots and begin to grow a new shrub. This method of propagation is called ground layering.

Depending on your weather, I would keep it well mulched outside in an area that has bright shade and is protected from winds. Then as winter sets in, bring it into the garage or a shed where it gets some winter protection and where you can water it once every two weeks or so until Spring. My Zone 8 winters are mild so I might be tempted to keep it outside.


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Thx so much....I'm speechless and happy at the same time I read that ground layering is very rare and if done takes up to several months to occur it's very thrilling and I'm going to keep it inside for at least this fall and put out in the spring I want it to get at least 4 inches of growth and I'll let nature take it's course

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Your hydrangeas are still growing because it has not become cold enough to stop them. I note you are in Tennessee, here in California mine are still growing well. Al

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