Me Again - One More Question...Buds Opening in Vase

westy1941(Boulder County, CO)June 10, 2009

Why don't the buds open in the vase in the house? And how can I make the blooms last more than a day and a half? Is there something I can put in the water? Will florist's cut flower stuff help? I thought Iris buds that look like they'd open the next day would open in the house.


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I ususlly can keep them in the house for several days by changing the water daily. Most of the unopened buds will also open if I do the water change, but it takes longer for them to open inside.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

Iris are not the best cut flower. They don't last more than a few days in the garden either. The buds can open if they are well-developed. Just make sure and keep the dark-colored irises away from your expensive GUMP figurines! Iris fluids stain.

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westy1941(Boulder County, CO)

Hosenemesis - I've already experienced Iris 'ink' on my white kitchen tile. Couldn't even get it off my hands....but of course it wiped up easily from the ceramic. And thanks, Lilah - such a gorgeous flower - I hope someday some genius can propagate a long lasting Iris!!! But I changed the water today and one bud opened four hours later - and yes they were pretty well-developed. But even in the garden it's sad -- it's such a short season and yet I can't stop loving them.


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