Get caught up on rain?

greenelbows1(z9--so LA)April 29, 2006

Wow, was today a gully-washer here! Hope everybody got a reasonable amount of the wet stuff without blowing away! We had roads nearby closed for water, and the Festival had to close this evening before everyone drowned. We needed the rain, and I hate to complain--poetic aren't I?--but it would be nice to spread it out a bit more. Really dumped!

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Still raining here this morning. First weekend in how long I haven't been dragging the sprinklers around. I even got food on my roses before it started. I opened my window last night so I could hear the rain on the metal roof, slept like a baby.


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The rain gauge in my garden was filled. It holds about 6 inches. Some of the jalapenos look like they grew overnight.


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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

Amazing how refreshed everything looked this morning. I managed to get a Brunsfelcia(sp?) moved yesterday before the rain--it had been looking really bad 'cause I thought it needed more sun than I had been giving it. It really, really didn't. So I put it in mostly-shade, and this morning it really glowed. Already darker green. Wish I would stop thinking I know stuff and read up on 'em--again! Sure would have saved it some unhappiness!

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Ya know,

the rain is one thing but I wish we could get the rain without the wind. 40 -50 gusts knocked the devil out of my peaches.


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My veggie garden FINALLY drained. Hope it didnt waterlog my plants:(

And its supposed to rain again Friday!

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

That wind did some damage here, but nothing like what they showed on television where one guy had to move his family out because the wind knocked a tree down on his house, and there were trees down all over that area. Didn't hear just where it was, but I guess around here somewhere. They think it was a small tornado. We just set up a big plant stand with four shelves all covered with potted plants--the ones that usually go inside in the winter--and most of them got knocked over, or off, or on top of each other. But no damage to the roof!

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