PE-PH southern peas and Big Boy southern peas

anney(Georgia 8)January 8, 2010

The Pink Eyes have been my most favorite bean, pea, lima, etc., all my life, but I'm thinking I want to try Big Boy Southern peas this year, mostly to enjoy a larger pea and increased production.

If the taste is too different, I'm not likely to be happy if I don't grow the Pink Eyes, too.

If you've grown both varieties, is there a taste difference that's obvious to you?

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Big Boy is in the same category as pinkeyes. Bigger pea than the pinkeye/purple hull and a little longer season. Most folks who like pinkeyes ( there are several cultivars with slightly different texture and flavor) will like Big Boys. Folks whose taste run to the stronger flavored brown crowder types usually don't. Pinkeye yields are comparable to Big Boys, both kick out a lot of peas.
Big Boy
Quick Pick (one of the Pink Eye/Purple Hull cultivars

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anney(Georgia 8)


Thanks. It looks like the difference between them is the pea-size and the pod-color. Boy, even shelled, they make my mouth water.

I'm glad you keep photographic records of your production!

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While I like the pink eyes, I also enjoy other peas such as White Whipporwill. There is a range of flavor from the lady peas to the various cream peas to the pink eyes then the black eyes and then the dark brown crowders. My personal flavor preference is in the range of the cream peas.


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Anney, I grew Big Boy last summer for the first time. They are good tasting and produce really good. They freeze good and I canned some as well, they turned out good too.
I grew Red Ripper for the first time also, may be my new favorite. I'm not giving up the Black Crowders, I really like them 'cause the taste is great and they are prolific.

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Bamagrit, glad to hear you liked Red Ripper, as I was considering ordering these from SESE. That pretty much seals the deal.

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sfmathews, you're gonna love'em! Good luck with'em! I planted for seed last year so only had one mess, I'll be plantin' much more come Spring. I got my seed from SESE also.

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bamagrit, I think I read somewhere that these things get like 15' long. Did yours get that big? If so, I will have to find someplace to put them!

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sfm, I've heard the same thing but the Red Rippers I planted weren't too bad, runners out maybe four to five feet. I planted four other varieties last year, Black Crowder and Calico Crowder 'traveled' the most and the Big Boys and Zipper Cream were the best behaved of the five.

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Thanks for the info, bamagrit, very helpful!

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My favorites are calico crowders. Not only are they good producers, they're beautiful! :D I ordered mine from SESE last year, but this year they were sold out :(

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