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Ginny McLean_Petite_GardenJune 28, 2011

Just curious if anyone out there in Canada has ever ordered iris from Irismart and what their expereince was like? They have some cultivars that I have been looking for.

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I've never heard of Irismart so I binged. It appears to be in the US.


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I just checked them out on Garden Watchdog. Glad I did. They are owned by Liberty House Co. They had one negative report on there, no positive or neutral. I think anyone should read this before ordering from them and then make up their minds about ordering. Marg

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Ginny McLean_Petite_Garden

Yes I also checked them out on Watchdog. Not much to go on. Just thought someone out there might have some experience.

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I meant that I used bing to search. LOL Typos are funny sometimes. I only buy iris from reputable Canadian suppliers.

I bought a few iris locally this spring, but am not ordering any for the fall.

Sierra....who should look for typos before posting.

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Ginny McLean_Petite_Garden

You're funny Sierra! I have only bought from Canadian suppiers as well. Just thought I may stretch the boundaries and try some US suppliers. Besides, Irismart carries my name sake iris and I'd like to give it a go. Chuck had it a couple years back but said it didn't like the damp year they had. Wouldn't you know it, we are on our second 'damp' year. What's with that? I sent them an email to get a bit more info. Hmmmm? Not much......but I am such an addict you know.The only plant life I have bought this year are my irises and my tomatoes. So busy around here. I'll have to dig up some more lawn as it is......

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Do let us know how your order goes.

I think we have a bit of sun this morning, but it has been raining and stormy for weeks here. I am planning a huge move in the next couple of years, so have quit buying plants. But for some strange reason, I added 14 new iris to my collection this spring. Iris should be able to survive a bit of time in a box right! I am planning on moving them with me. Addicted? can't be. :)


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Ginny McLean_Petite_Garden

My nmae is Ginny and I am an Iris Addict!! You don't wanna know how many I bought this year ......or last year.....or the year before! and I have to sell this house at some point soon and move all of them! And my 240 some odd peonies, 80ish hostas...ect. ect. Technically, I could buy this house and not have to move any of them but I have to tear down the house and rebuild so I may as well just buy a farm! Then I can buy another 1000 or so irises and stay addicted!!! I love it!! :) Did I happen to mention I just love hangin' out with my fellow addicts on GW? LOL

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Haha Ginny, this is great. I am also taking my peonies and a few daylilies. The rest I will have to replace, since we plan to move quite a distance. If I was moving locally, I would have moved my entire garden.

And since it appears we will be in a warmer zone, my vision is to have a climbing rose arch going into the iris garden. As you know we don't have a choice of climbing roses in this low zone. You always want what you can't grow.

I am planning a big order eventually, once we get settled and the garden ready. Chapman is offering a historic iris Blue shimmer this year. This is one I have been looking for....and I am trying really hard not to place an order. You know you can't order just one.:O I keep telling myself no no NO....but I think the devil me is sitting on the other shoulder. eeekkks.

Trails End has some beauties too....I have to stop looking. lol


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Ginny McLean_Petite_Garden

Good luck with that one Sierra! I just got my payment in the mail for my 3rd iris order for this year to Trail's End. Chuck just sent me my total for my order from there.....ohhhh....good thing I sold puppies this year! And I just got an email from Gary at Nola's Iris Garden in the US. Twist my rubber arm! I still have a beautiful black and white sheltie boy puppy looking for a home.....:)

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