Leggy Pinky Winky

RoseAbbeyOctober 5, 2009

I have some pinky winkies that I planted late July. The nursery was having their clearance and got these for a good price however, some of the lower leaves on these plants had died off and they look a little bare from the ground up to about 12 inches. The rest of the plant looks great, lots of leaves and flowers. Do I need to prune them down so in spring the leaves sprout lower down on the plant and they will be more bushy or will they do that without pruning them? If I do need to prune them do I do that now?

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The leaves will reappear next season all over the stems, so no need to prune for that reason :-) If you want a denser shrub you can cut back the stems but it is not absolutely necessary.....the plant should generate some new growth from the root crown each season anyway. And there is some validity to the argument that allowing the stems to remain intact so that the wood has time to 'ripen' will provide better support for heavy flowerheads and the plant will not droop from their weight. Any pruning on paniculatas should be done in late winter or early spring as new growth emerges - it will have no effect on flower production.

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Thank you gardengal48 I was hoping I wouldnt have to prune them. Cant wait til next spring, they are gorgeous now so I can just image how great they will look next year.

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