Early Riser/Kwintus

hementia8(8 MS)January 29, 2013

Park Seed had stated that they were the same and I aquired both when they were offered from them
I note that both are listed in the SSE Yearbook,that they can be used as shellies and a sub for limas in addition to being an excellent snap.
There must be other beans with the same names, as mine never had more than 5 beans in a 10" pod and most of them were mishappen
Has anyone had an experience with these beans

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Hi Charlie,

Kwintus here in the PNW produces lots of long straight flat pods on aggressive vines. When they are 1/2 inch by 8 inches or so, they look like greasy Romano beans and they are good snaps. At around 1 inch by 10 inches, the hulls develop strings and become tough. The large white shellies are tender and delicious and we continue enjoying them after most other shellies have finished. - Dick

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hementia8(8 MS)

Hi Dick
Where did you get your seeds
It seems the ones from Park's Via Holland are different.
Mine like all flat Romano types have very few seeds per pod
It would take a bushel to make one serving of shellies
Because we like it so we had to order it each year as most of the seed saved were not viable

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I got mine from: WI MI B - 2008: 55-90, tender long flat green pods, 7-9 seeds per pod, delicious sweet bean flavor, high yields, CV Abu 00

This year one SSE member who also got his seed from WI MI B offers it:

NY MO J - 2013: 55/snap 90/dry, excellent snap/Romano bean, goes to 11' on the front of our woodshed then stops, bears heavily at 55 days, leave a few pods for shell beans/next year's seed, reblooms in August for a nice fall crop, WI MI B

Sorry I do not have seed available for this one. - Dick

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hementia8(8 MS)

I guess I need to find a better source
We loved this bean so much we were planting at least a half pound each year
The source we had kept putting them on back order[came from Holland] and did not receive until it was too late to plant.
We now sub with HELDA and GOLDMARIE which are almost as good
A few years ago we grew BARKSDALE,DORA MILLER and Musica which were very delicious also
We lost the seed of those after many years of drought conditions

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