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hementia8(8 MS)January 14, 2014

I received my order from SESE yesterday
It included the following:
Southern peas
ROUGE ET NOIR[red and black]
I planted this one last year from a dif.source,and it did not germinate
I have 3 strains of RR and want to compare
Butter Beans
this is an unknown brown speckled small pole lima that that SESE received in error as Jackson Wonder
I do not know of a brown pole lima
Probably a Jackson Wonder cross
Has anyone grown any of these and what was the outcome

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Piggott peas should be relatively large, grayish with speckles. They tend to grow in a compact clump with relatively short vines. The peas ripen within a short interval and then are gone. In other words, they are kind of like a determinate tomato, something you harvest and preserve and then they are gone. I recommend growing them in relatively poor soil, they do not do well if planted into richer soil. Cowpeas are very good at producing their own nitrogen, but definitely benefit from innoculation with the correct bacteria.

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hementia8(8 MS)

There seems to be a contoversy as to what is the true Pigott Pea and it's true spelling
The PIGGOTT PEA from SESE is brown
The one from S.C.Crop Imp. is reddish brown and spelled PIGGOTT PEA
The PIGOTT FAMILY from SANDHILL is also reddish brown
The discription in the year book over the years state that PIGOTT FAMILY HEIRLOOM is grey speckled tan
All state they originated in Washington Parish LA.
I guess they should e listed as sold

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dlsm(Z9b Titusville Fl)

Charlie, I have grown several of the cowpeas. We all have different taste buds and those that I grew did not do well for me. Now the Jackson Wonder butter bean I grow a few of those each year. It is one of my favorite bush butter beans. The pink eye purple hull BVR cowpea can be used as a pole variety. I usually plant a few of those during the summer months.


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