need help identifying critter digging holes in flower bed

lisa455(z9 LA)May 8, 2005

I live in Southeast Louisiana. Some critter is digging holes in my flower beds every night. I know I have wild rabbits nearby but there is no sign that the plants are being eaten, either the roots or the foliage. There are just holes everywhere. I have a drainage ditch behind my house. The lawn is not being disturbed and there is no sign of tunnels, just holes. I live on what was a cane field up until ten years ago, so there are no big trees nearby (so I think I can rule out squirrels). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Hey Lisa,
I live in the city but when we go camping the armadillos
come out and dig. We always wake up to holes dug every
where. Sounds like what you have. They dig for bugs
and grubs and such. They can tear up your yard. I'm
not sure what to tell you as far as how to get rid of
them. Maybe mothballs. I know alot of critters don't
like the smell. Good luck. Hope you had a wonderful


Here is a link that might be useful: Community Webshots

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lisa455(z9 LA)

Thanks. That is what my neighbor thinks we have. Hope you had a good mother's day.

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Squirrils dig holes constantly, especially if you have been planting new plants, they love to dig in the freshly turned dirt. They don't eat the plants, but sometimes when they are digging they will push them out of the ground. Pests!!


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I agree with Deep south and you are in a prime location for them.Maybe a light and a 22 ball at night is the only way I know of they won't go in a live trap.Good luck Jim

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Yep, sounds like those blasted armadillo's to me. I have a constant battle with those little guys. I HATE THEM!! I've tried traps, mothballs, soap, etc. Nothing works but a shotgun. Good luck.

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I have caught them in the hav a heart trap. Put it up close to the flower bed. Stupid animals but make a lot of holes.

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I don't really know what an armadillo is, but since we live about 50 from Chicago, I'm thinking it isn't one of those digging in my flower beds. Not squirrels either since we are in a new subdivision with only new trees. But something very similar to what you describe is playing in our yard at night. Holes and some digging, but no tunnels. I'm mostly worried about our two young trees. Any thoughts?

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