How's your garden doing?

alblancher(8)May 16, 2006

I'm excited,

With everything we've been through the storm, the drought, the heavy rain and wind when we do get rain my garden is looking great.

Tomatos are numerous and large with few blemishes so far, crooked neck squash are growing so fast I have to harvest 2 times a day. Banana peppers, bell peppers and cayanne peppers are full of flowers and the plants are healthy. Cucs and watermellon growing like wild.

Blackberries are huge, peaches are a little small but developing color nicely. Muscadine and table grapes are full of developing fruit. Figs look good.

Only thing that may not make it is some brussel sprouts that seem to be going nowhere.

I sure love living down here.


Oh and by the way the speckled trout are biting like mad!

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Al, Brussels sprouts are a cool season veggie down here. You need to seed them mid summer or transplant in the fall.

Haven't had specks in a long time. Love 'em lightly pan fried the day they're caught. Talk about good!

I'm still harvesting Swiss chard. Getting a handful of cherry tomatoes every day. Looks like I'll have my first Brandy Boys in a couple days ... they're starting to blush. Have lots of purple jalapenos & purple bells. Everything else is herbs and flowers.

Killed a few stink bugs already. I HATE those things!!!


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Hi Harper,

I guess I planted the mustard and brussel sprouts too late, around January. Live and Learn.

Never tried Brandy Boys let me know how they do. I have elfs, big boys, roma, and a type of grape tomato. All the HD seeds.


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