Favorite multicolor/"painted" leaves?

robo (z6a)June 9, 2014

Hi everyone!

Working on a list for pickup from Fundy Beauties up here in NS. What I love the best right now are watercolor/multicolor leaves. I was wondering what you would recommend for beautiful "painted" leaves?

Have or on the list: Fingerprint, Fire Opal, Great Expectations, Hanky Panky, June, June Fever, Justine, Kaleidochrome, (and Vuvuzela and Uju), Kiwi Full Monty, Stained Glass, Striptease, The King, Touch of Class, War Paint, Whirlwind.

I am a hosta newbie with a small collection (30 named). I have a small urban yard, all part shade and very little grass.

You can also tell me if something on the list kind of isn't worth it for a newbie, I won't cry even if I already have it. :)

Thanks for any info you can provide!! And pictures if you'd like to show off your lovely hostas.

(PS If you recommend a beauty that isn't available from F.B. it will still go on my wishlist!)

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Do you have Summer Music? Mine was frosted this spring and does not look well, but last year it was picture perfect.

Summer Music in May 2013

and again in mid-August where it got afternoon sun and kept on going. Front left, cannot miss it.

Hope they have it you will love it.

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A word to the wise: my Kiwi Full Monty, originally planted in a border bed, suddenly grew to what I consider jumbo size in 2012. Up 'til then it was the same size as Gold Standard and other M-L hostas. I divided it--with the help of a muscular neighbor--and gave my daughter two of the divisions. I planted the remaining divisions in other beds and this year three of them are approaching jumbo size. Last year and again this year Frances Williams, Queen of the Seas and Dream Weaver have also super-sized themselves. This year Middle Ridge super-sized itself for the first time. I divided it into 16 divisions that I gave to my daughter and replanted a fraction of it where it was growing.

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mikgag Z5b NS Canada

I hauled 17 out of Pat's gardens last weekend....have fun. IMHO, the best performers on your list are going to be Whirlwind(mine grows in all day blistering sun, no prob), June, Touch of Class, June Fever and Hanky Panky. Kiwi Full Monty is to die for, and mine grew like a weed in 3 years to 38" across.
One of the benefits of living here, is you can stick most of them in full sun without a thought....the colors will just be different. Not crazy about Fire Opal or Fingerprint. Stained Glass is a classic....

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Hi Robotropolis! Glad ALL THAT SNOW finally melted...You got absolutely buried. Check out El Capitan, Carnival and Broad Band in the Hosta Library. Those are pretty nice.

Don B.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Hosta Library

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lupinguy(s ontario)

I can't way it my favorite but a beauty and you haven't listed it as one that you have and that would be Fire and Ice.

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robo (z6a)

Mocc - what lovely photos! Summer Music looks so fresh and vibrant, definitely going on the list (and is available).

gardenweed - thanks for the heads up! You must have peeked in my yard because I do have it in a bed that can't hold it so will have to move it in the future. I seem to move everything...

mikgag - never tell me where you live unless you want to surprise an intruder with a shovel in your backyard. Whirlwind was my first purchase and started my hosta frenzy. I have exactly zero square feet of full sun in my entire yard :( But do have some hot afternoon sun in some parts.

There is a photo on here of Fingerprint that made me want it forever and ever. I was thinking sun might bring out the watermark?

Don, I know you got a ton of snow too! Many of my hostas are still unfurling. I love all the hostas you propose...some of those photos of Broadband are STUNNING. And I really like the habit of Carnival.

lupinguy, you must have a special touch with fire and ice because yours is so pretty.

I think Lakeside Dragonfly is looking painterly tonight. Paired with my fave groundcover, phlox stolonifera sherwood purple.

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Apparently, All That Jazz has some nice painted-looking leaves, too. Just took this today.

Don B.

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robo (z6a)

I see five shades on that leaf! At least! Beautiful!

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jadie88(7 MD)

What a great list! I am also very drawn to that hand-painted look. I'm asking for it here, but with limited space and so many great options, I'd skip 'Striptease.' Kiwi Full Monty is more interesting IMO, and similar enough that you probably wouldn't miss 'Striptease.'

Justine will really get your attention. I have 'June Spirit,' a possible tetraploid of June Fever and look-alike to 'Justine.' This poorly lit snapshot doesn't do it justice. My son calls it my "glow stick" hosta because it is SO bright.

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jadie88(7 MD)

'War Paint' is the very top of my list, followed by 'Fragrant Queen.' It has such a creamy, hand-painted porcelain look!
(Stock photo)

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Eleven(Metro Detroit 6A)

I was also going to say what jadie did about skipping Striptease if Kiwi Full Monty was already on your list. One is just green, while the other is blue and a slightly stronger grower (I've read this a couple places about KFM).

A lot of people get Great Expectations, and it doesn't give that result. So you might want to skip that one.

And Touch of Class has been a VERY slow grower for me. I've been tempted many times to yank it and try something else. But it's quite pretty! Just doesn't grow.

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robo (z6a)

I have a fairly big striptease I inherited with the property. But I'm VERY excited to add Kiwi Full Monty near by!

Eleven - Thanks for the heads up on Great Expectations -- and I'll try to remember to give Touch of Class a little extra sunlight and water for ecouragement!

jadie - lovely photos! If my Justine looks even a bit like your June Spirit I'll be happy. I also really like your photo of Fragrant Queen - it really does look like hand painted porcelain. Very elegant!

Striptease last year

A few moves later...maybe it has shrunk a little.

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Summer Breeze is one to think about too

Whirlwind.- definately has the "painted leaf" look you are looking for

Justine is a new addition for me

You might like Luna Moth too - in front

Touch of Class has grown extremely well for me in Zone 6...Have 3 and all are beauties

Good Luck!! Show us what you get.....can't go wrong with your list

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robo (z6a)

I thought I loved that picture of Luna Moth (and I do, and it's on the list) - but my eyes turned into hearts at that photo of Touch of Class. Yes please!

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Okay, I have another one to mention if you like the Tattoo and Fingerprint type.

First year it has shown anything for me, so keep that in mind. It might be reluctant to look good. I mean Captain's Adventure. But,,, I must say, when I left it alone and forgot about it, this spring it looked good.

and then again on May 29. Different camera

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irawon(5a Ottawa)

One that I added just this year is Trifecta. It's multi-coloured, small and apparently a slow grower. Maybe someone has a better picture?

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robo (z6a)

Thanks for the additional eye candy, mocc and irawon! Captain's Adventure looks like a very interesting plant - does it drawstring for you?

Irawon, your trifecta looks like such a healthy, vibrant plant. I just love those tricolor greens and creams.

PS Order placed, thanks to all for your help! Quite a few went on my wishlist and a few more were available locally and went on to my order.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Trifecta last year...still growing this year.

Mug - after seeing your Summer Breeze again, I remembered it was your pic that prompted me to get one. Thank you!

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Fresh from a nursery today, 'Fingerprint' painted with a watermark.

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Jo, OIC. Now I understand the Fingerprint designation. Lovely hosta.

Captain's Adventure was having problems in 2012 and 2013 and suddenly this spring it got its act together. Not sure if it was drawstring as the problem or not.Other than 2014 there is only one photo from 2012 uploaded to Flickr. All other 2012 photos were lost when my backup drive failed last year.

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robo (z6a)

Thanks for that photo of Kaleidochrome -- what a looker! (Ps whatever happened to "I before E except after C").

Jo - thanks for those photos! I'm going to put Fingerprint in however much sun is needed to produce that. And Trifecta looks lovely. I love that combination of colors.

Mocc - thanks for the update! I am torn on this hosta so I'm going to do some more research.

I posted this in the newbie thread, but here are the beds I'm trying to fill up. I'm in the fun stage in between digging them out and running out of room. All those non-hosta perennials are just there to fill in until I get it filled up with hostas.

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robo (z6a)

Big day!! I had a really nice visit to Fundy beauties and here's most of my haul. I traded him back H. Uju at his request and picked up Powder Keg and Sea Lotus Leaf instead.

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