Does anyone have Fillibet or Sabrina ?

madeyna(7/8)October 18, 2009

I was only going to order the catolog at hydrangeas plus and both Fillibet and Sabrina jumped into my cart. Oops :) don,t you hate it when that happens? Anyway I did a search here and didn,t come up with much. I would really like to see these both as bushes and learn a little more about them before I plant them. I have about 20 hydrangeas in pots now and anothers posters pictures of her stunning garden has inspired me to actually get mine in the ground next season. I have started dumping in horse manure to the area they are going and planing just what will go where. Of course a few more hydrangeas will have to follow me home to match her 50 plus plants. I only have one oak leaf so I will need a few more of those. I cann,t believe I finally have a excuse to bring more home. Now if I could just find a way to sneak them into the car without dh seeing them. I,m still working on that one.

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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

Sabrina is part of the Dutch Ladies Series with women's names, mostly starting in "s" for now, large florets, serrated petals and, in some cases, white edges. Its distribution here is limited, nothing like you see with the Endless Summer Series so, when looking for people who have it, check/inquire in the Garden Web European Forums too.

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Thanks for the reply .I did a search over there for both of them and hygrangeas and didn,t come up with much.So I will ask the grower for a little more info.

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