insuk wang kong runner bean

manure_queen(md 7)January 14, 2008

is this a fresh bean or a shelled bean

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jwr6404(8B Wa)

We have always eaten them as a shelled Bean. Other,more experienced Bean growers,have suggested they shood taste good fresh.


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Jim jwr6406
Thanks so much for the package. Received my beans today.

Now I understand the hernia comments on the others thread. WOW those are big and pretty. Do you space yours at 12 or 15 inches like Zeedman said he does? I can sure see why you don't want this one to die out. Thanks again. Carol

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jwr6404(8B Wa)

Glad you received and are happy with the beans. We normally plant ours in groups of 3-4 seeds 4ft apart.This year I removed 4 non-productive grape vines that I had growing over a 9ft tall metal arch. I built the frame for a 12 inch(1ft x 5ft)raised garden on each side of the arch. I will plant these seeds close as I want to maximise the flowers. This Arch faces the main street down to the Puget Sound and will be visable drivers and walkers as they go by. The walkers will have the additional pleasure of seeing all the Hummingbirds. These Bean Flowers really seem to attract Hummingbirds,in fact I never saw a hummingbird until we started growing the beans.

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I think I will try some in the garden and some on the south side of my house where they will get afternoon shade from a large tree. Our summers get very hot. I live at the lake so I get a lot of hummers and they will be grateful to find nectar in a "real flower" instead of the thousands of sugar feeders that are here. I will enjoy both the flowers and the beans.

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