Japanese anemone

lemon306(Z8B La.)May 22, 2004

Anyone growing these? Opinions please!

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live_oak_lady(Zone 9)

Do you have a photo?

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wwhyte(z5 canada)

HI there ,
I grow Japanese Anemones. Actually I have started to collect them.What would you like to know?

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lemon306(Z8B La.)

wwhyte---How tall do they get? Are they branching or single stem plants? Do they want/need shade or sun? Do they need feeding regularly? Well drained soil? Drought tolerant or not? Minimum temps tolerated? Any other info you might find useful.
Thanks. From pictures I have seen they look beautiful.

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greenelbows(z9--so LA)

My impression is they don't tolerate our high winter temperatures very well. I have had some for hmmm--can't remember how many years now, at least five or six, and they never do much of anything. They're quite hardy, and I've heard can be even a bit invasive in climates they really like, but they sure aren't for me! There's a leaf here, and a leaf there, and they look healthy enough, but I never get those gorgeous fall flowers. Shade growers I think, as are most anemones. I love anemones of every kind I've ever seen but haven't found any that really do well here. Certainly can't pretend to be much of an expert, except in trying ones that want more winter chill apparently.

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hoppes_girl(z8 LA.)

Well I tried them only once and they never even came up at all ,I figured they don't do well here either!

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