My brothers funeral plant is dying, please help identify?

smpauleyMay 31, 2007


I have a plant from my brothers funeral which was in Jan. 2007 The lady at the funeral home removed all identifying tags from every plant. I have one that I cant figure out what it is and cant call the flower shop because we dont know where they all came from. It is in very bad shape, and is dying. I have been wattering it once a week, but not knowing what it is I cant properly care for it. I am feeling pretty bad because I am killing it. Can someone please help me identify this dying plant and maybe give me info on how to save it PLEASE?

ABOUT THE PLANT (As accurate as I could, I am not a plant person, but tried researching):

Leaf shape: Oblanceolate or Elliptic

Leaf Apices: Acute

Leaf Bases: Cuneate

Leaf Types: Palmate or Digitate

Leaf Margins: Entire (smooth all around)

The plant from the soil has many long thick stems growing upward, (the roots are really coiled around in the pot)which has stems coming from them that hold the leaves. The leaves almost look like they grow out into a circle like a flower but it has no flowers just all leaves, they have between 6 and 9 leaves on the end of each stem. I have a link to some photos, but if it does not work, I could send a picture to anyone willing to help. Thanks in advance. Sheila

Here is a link that might be useful: 3 pictures of my plants

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Looks like a scheffelera or umbrella plant. Maybe it needs to be outside on a patio. Mine grows outside in part sun under the overhang of my house.

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I also have one and don't know the name, but I only water when it gets dry and seems to be okay. I think perhaps you are overwatering. I also repotted it into a larger container soon after I got it. It grows slowly and loses leaves rather regularly, but continues to thrive.

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I have two of the same plants. First, take them out of the pots and cut off a majority of the curled roots. They are rootbound and needs a fresh start. Next, put them back in the pot, put it outside in the shade and give it pleanty of water. Make sure it rehydrates. Not just run off down the sides of the pot. Put a bowl or something under the pot to hold about 5 inches of water and water from the top first. Then keep the bowl full of water until the soil is completely rehydrated. Fertilizer with Miracle grow or just anything you have. Don't let it dry out. It loves water and and drops leaves and goes limp when dried out. After you are sure the plant is rehydrated, remove the bowl and just keep your plant moist. I keep mine outside all year long unless I know we are having a deep freeze. Good luck and let us know how you do.

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How is your plant doing?

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