Getting rid of Banana Trees

dobra1629(z5 NY)May 18, 2007

I just recently moved to Houma LA and have already grown to loathe the banana trees that my neighbor across the fence has growing in his yard and therefore under his fence and into my yard. I have tried to get rid of them but every week more pops up. The roots are very deep and I dont want to ruin my new sod. Any suggestions?

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tamivileine(z8b OS,MS, US)

if you weren't so far, I'd just make regular trips over and come and get 'em. Geez why do I have neighbors who kill everything and just have icky grass?... I'd like a bunch of 'nanners next to me ;-)

I see nothing for it but to mess up your sod. You need to install a barrier, like a rhizome barrier that people use for discouraging bamboo species from spreading. If you're getting along with the neighbor, have a conversation with him and maybe he'll be interested in a compromise of some sort. The decent thing in any case is to at least try to talk to the neighbor...

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

Isn't it funny how often one person loves something another one hates? Big case in the paper this morning about someone whose yard is a registered wildlife habitat, whose neighbors have complained to the 'plant police' that she has a messy yard and they're going to come after her. Now I find 'crepe murder' and little green meatballs much more offensive.

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tamivileine(z8b OS,MS, US)

You mean 'crap myrtle?' With its lovely little flowers that laminate themselves to all surfaces?

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dobra1629(z5 NY)

Don't get me wrong. The trees are fine but in HIS yard. Not mine! Talking to him is not going to keep the shoots from coming up in my yard or the other neighbors to the right and left of me. These trees are crazy and I have yet to see bananas on them. I don't even know if they produce bananas.

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I would take them too if you were closer. I've been looking everywhere around here for some and can't find them. I've seen them bloom and get bananas here (Hammond area) so they should in Houma too. The fruit I saw was on very old trees and didn't seem to reach edible size.

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