Wildflower i.d. please

MichelleMartin(8Mississippi)May 20, 2007

I'm not sure where this plant came from, it's in the yard in moved into. It's quite invasive also. It has white/beige tubers and they are fleshy. The plants stand about 3ft tall, some shorter, few taller. Here is a link to one pic of the flower head with leaves. The tall stalk does have leaves on it also, not many though. They leaf off the stalk in two's, not side by side, theya are staggered.


Thank you for any help!

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Looks like alstromeria.......also called Peruvian lily or Parrotlily........according to some quick research, it is an escaped tropical plant from South America. It is considered invasive in many places. It says to control them well that you must deadhead before seeds are cast if you want to keep them. If you don't, you're going to have to keep pulling them up for a while, as the seeds have an indeterminate germination rate.

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tamivileine(z8b OS,MS, US)

send me some of those! I'll pay postage...

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Thank you so very much, srburk! That sure is it. I've looked for 2 yrs for the id. LOL! Yep, it's quite invasive, but thank goodness it's pretty much contained to one area. I appreciate it!

tamivileine, where are you? I'm not familiar with OS,MS. Or is that an abbreviation for the city/town? I'd be glad to try to send you some of these. Can you email me through this forum? So I can give you my home addy?

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