Should I worry????

gardenapprenticeOctober 25, 2013

As you can see below that's my hydrangea, it's a Moorhead and still growing I don't add any fertilizer and it still is growing everyday our temps are 65+ and 30+ at night still no defoliation so that's good but why won't it go into dormancy

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I have not gotten really cold temps yet but mine look like yours (just bigger). Maybe a little darker leaves. I would not worry. Some times the cold weather does not stay cold enough and long enough & the sunlight is just so. As a result, they take a while to go dormant. On an average year, mine will go dormant some time in late November or December. Temps well below freezing will start the process for sure as the leaves will turn to "slush" :o(

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may get a frost tonight-my twist and shout has 4 new blooms-oh well winter must come...

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no freeze so the impaients,hydrangeas amd hibiscus get to go on blooming!!

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You reminded me of some new shrubbery that was recently added in front of a Starbucks by the landscaper who takes care of the shopping strip. Brand new hibiscus plants were added about 2 weeks ago or so. While hydrangeas go dormant here by late November or early December, I wondered about these non-hardy hibiscus! Poor things! Every time that I go to thestore, I start worrying about them. Oh well. As you said, winter must come.

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