Brandywine Tomatoes in Louisiana

Yolanda71361(8-Louisiana)May 8, 2005

I am located in Central Louisiana and this year I planted Brandywine tomatoes along with several other varieties and would like to know if others on this forum have ever planted Brandywines and especially this far south and what were the results and any problems that developed. I purchased a pkg of seeds from a local retailer and the germination was excellent. I also saw Brandywine plants at the WalMart in Opelousas a few weeks ago. Hope that everyone is having good results in their gardens this year.

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I experimented with a few Brandywines (Sudduth, Yellow, & OTV) the past two years. All were disappointing. I don't think I harvested more than 3 tomatoes from a single plant and the taste was nothing like people rave about. I think this is just too far south, but you never know. Let us know how they play out in your garden.

If you're looking for two really good Heirloom varieties try Cherokee Purple and Heidi (paste).

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planted them last year no luck.But you never know untill you try.Good luck Jim

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Louisiana_botanist(8 Baton RougeLA)

You may want to try Patio, Better Boy, and German Strip tomatoes. I have both as well as a few other varieties for a total of 15 plants. This is the second year in a row that the Patios have done exceptionally well. This year's crop already has a bounty of green tomatoes. The German Stip (new variety I am trying) is doing great, but is only in flower. Cherry and Roma tomatoes also doing well. Already have harvested quite a number of Better Boy tomatoes.

Tried Creole and Brandywine last year but yields were low and plants not as vigerous as other varieties.

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LB, already harvested? When did you transplant? I'm in BR too.

I can see a faint blush on one of my Sun Golds. Can't wait!!!

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Thanks to all for the information. The Brandywines are still in my garden, but I can tell that they are having a hard time and I have to guess that the temps have been just too hot for them. Only got to the lower 90's thus far. I hope that they will make it so that I can give them a good try.

HanArt...thanks for the suggestion on the Cherokee Purple and the Heidi. I will give them a try next spring. Might be a little late for them at this time. are correct in giving them a try as that is the only way that one can find out. creoles are looking good. I also have Arkansas Travelers, Early Girl, Roma, Pelican, and a couple of other varieties. Will give others a try next year.

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Joeray(Z9 LA)

I had the same luck as HanArt when I tried the Brandwine a couple of years ago. I got 2-3 tomatoes and those nothing to brag about taste wise.

I'm looking for a recommendation for a good mid-season, open pollinated tomato for this area. I tried Creole a couple of seasons ago and was disappointed. I've not been able to find seeds for Pelican. Any thoughts. I'm in Baton Rouge.

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Joeray, have you tried Cherokee Purple or Arkansas Traveler? I don't know that they're considered mid-season tomatoes, but down here that doesn't really apply anyway, does it? We jump so hard & fast into summer there's really no middle ground. If fruit doesn't set before the high temps settle in, doesn't matter if it's early, mid, or late season. I don't know about you, but my plants are usually fried by mid-July.

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Well folks, I must say that my Brandywine tomatoes were a challenge this spring. The plants are in great shape and loaded with good size tomatoes. However thus far I have not been able to harvest one decent tomatoe off of the plants. Just prior to turning red they will form cracks and those that do not have the cracks will end up with blossum end rot. It was dry at our place. We went six weeks without any rain and once the rain started, it rained everyday for over a week. Now it is extremly dry again. My Creole and Early Girl tomatoes are doing quite well considering. So I will have to agree with most of you that commented earlier and say that my Brandywines were quite a disappointment. Hope others have better luck than I with them.

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I tried Brandy Boy (hybrid) this year. It's not a huge producer, but I've been more than happy with the rich tomato flavor. It's worth repeating!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Well looks like I have to eat "crow" but I have to give credit where credit is due. In my earlier posting I stated that my Brandywines were a disapointment but I finally managed to eat one and it is super. Even my MIL made the statement that "whatever variety of tomato that this is, it is the best I tasted in along time". Looks sure are deceiving in this case, but I found that if I remove them from the vine as soon as they turn a blush color, I end up with a better looking tomato than if I leave it on the plant to fully ripen. So, I must rate the Brendywine at being worth the extra concerns that I had all growing season. Thanks again to all who followed up on my first posting.

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jap373(z8b BR,LA)

That's what I found, too...not a huge yield with the Brandywines, but the flavor is great! One of my all-time favs

--Jane in BR

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I tried a Brandywine from Cleggs which grew into a large healthy plant with at least a doz fully formed tomatoes.
It was grown rowed up under plastic with 14 other tomatoe varieties. Large (5-6" dia)pink,good acidity-great taste.
The color reminded me of the anemic winter tomatoes but the taste is great. I'll do it again next year...

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wallenda(z9 South La.)

I'm in Lafayette, and I planted one Brandywine in a 5-gallon bucket that I drilled drainage holes in. I've got five green tomatoes so far and many blossoms. Thanks for the warning about the cracks and blossom end rot. I'll try to keep an eye on that.


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Amy...I have 5 gallon buckets that I plan on using for some fall tomatoes. What are you using for growing media in the buckets?

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