Insects on Holly bush - beneficial or not?

midcitygardener(9)May 17, 2010

There are about 15-20 bugs gathered in one spot on top of one of my holly bushes. They range from hues of orange to dull grayish. They've been there for several days now. I haven't removed them yet, because I want to know if they are beneficial or not. I know it's not that helpful w/o posting a photo, but does anyone know of any holly-loving insects that fit this description/behavior? I can't tell if they are doing any damage, but they appear to be plotting something as there are many of them but just in one tight group. Thanks in advance for any feedback!

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Bridget Helm

it's hard to say without a picture, but the only beneficial bugs i can think of that would involve orange are ladybugs and asassins. obviously you'd know if it were ladybugs, but it could be the ladybug larva that you are not recognizing. google it to see them. they are easy to recognize once you've seen one - primarily black, however.

the asassins are bright orange with long black legs. they look very mean, but are in fact peaceful. they will bite if they feel threatened. i think they are related to the walking stick. try googleing those as well.

both the asassins and ladybugs eat aphids.

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