Cheap Orchids and Bromelliads at Target

pieohmyMay 11, 2007

I'm always on the hunt for a good deal and found a great one today. The Target in Baton Rouge (millerville) has small buckets that have both a bromelliad and an orchid in it. Both are in bloom in most of them and are a fairly good size. They are $6.24 (75% off). So two nice plants for less than $7! Target sales are usually nationwide so if your Target has a garden center they may have them too. They will need to be repotted though as the little buckets are not ideal conditions for either.

What is sad is that I had just bought two orchids from Lowes off the clearance rack. Not blooming, not as large, and more expensive LOL.

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At the Ocean Springs Walmart this past fall they had a dozen orchids that had finished blooming and I made a low ball offer and after waiting a few minutes for the manager to decide, they accepted my offer. I think I paid $3 a piece for them.

Then I remembered I don't have a greenhouse ... so I gave them to some friends who do. Hopefully they'll bloom again for them.

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Vancleaveterry, you don't need a greenhouse to grow orchids in your area. I live in Slidell and grow them outside all year with exception of probably 3 months. Just bring them in by a sunny window and they will be fine depending on the amount of light they need.

Mine hang on my fence or in the trees depending upon the amount of light.

P.S. When I was a kid we used to swim at Cedar Creek in Vancleave. I am originally from Pascagoula.

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Hello Leubafr... I only recently moved to The Cleave, from Fountainbleau really. In a few years I'll give orchids a try again. Thanks!


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I've also read about what folks in Florida call ground orchids. I think (think being iffy) that we may be able to get away with them here also. Our zones have been changed to 9 recently, which includes Slidell. Anyway I figure I got them so cheap I will try one in the ground this year and see how it goes.

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