Shooting star hydrangea- pic

anza2821(9ca)October 16, 2008


Here is a pic of my shooting star hydrangea. I purchased the plant at Albertson's grocery store during Christmas 2007. Now it has been blooming for several weeks in my garden.

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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

Very nice plant, anza2821. This one is on a wish list already but is hard to find locally and I do not want to order it by mail. Have not seen it at my Albertson's.

When do the flower blooms open in California and how long do they last? Do you end up deadheading them at the end? When does the plant go dormant?

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Hello Luis pr

I'm in California. My other hydrangeas bloom in late June to September. My shooting star hydrangea started blooming in late August or early Sep.

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That is a winner, for sure.
How long have you had the plant? I am amazed at the number of bloom that you have on that plant.
I have some as well purchased under the name 'Fuji Waterfall', it is also sold under the real name 'Hanabi'. I got mine at Wilkerson Mills several years ago. It is supposed to bloom twice and for the first time mine has buds this late in the season. It is getting near our possible frost date in North Georgia so I probably won't see the extra bloom this year.
Mary/Gainesville, GA

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Hello Mary

During the Christmas holidays in 2007, I purchased the shooting star hydrangea at the grocery store because it looked interesting. The hydrangea was in a six inch pot and had three or four blooms. I think it cost $12.99. I remember doing some research and the name "Fuji Waterfall" rings a bell. After the flowers dropped off, the potted plant went into the garden and was repotted in a two gallon plastic pot. The plant rebloomed this fall and has twice as many blooms. I plan to repot it again in a bigger pot when the flowers drop off and will use potting soil for azaleas. My hydrangea appears to be really happy. Here is a pic of the potted plant in Dec 2007.

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