Memphis in Zone 8

FlowrLady(7/MS Olive Bran)May 2, 2005

I went to HD to a Do It Herself workshop tonight. The plant expert said the Memphis area has been moved to Zone 8 because of our warmer winters... Anybody else heard that?

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Sophie Wheeler

The American Horticultural Society evidently jumped the gun a bit on the release of the new USDA maps. I can't seem to find a link to what they had on the web a few months ago which showed quite a few areas that had been rezoned. But, since our winter temps have averaged a low in the mid teens as the lowest for the last couple of years, I wouldn't be surprised to see the zone 8 designation stick.

BTW, I'm the HD plant person at the seminar last night. But, I actually work in Kitchen, Bath, and Appliances. I can't bring myself to be around the wholesale plant abuse that working with plants in a big box environment entails. What's good for the company bottom line isn't necessarily what's good for the plants, and I tend to side with the plants. So, it's better that I'm selling inanimate objects. ;~) I work lots of nights and you're welcome to come and chat plants with me at any time. I'm hoping to be able to do many more of the plant care seminars with HD, so if you enjoyed yourself, please let the store manager, Matt Murphy, know so he'll schedule more. Hopefully, there will be better attendence next time! :~)

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I just wanted to say hi to HollySprings (Hi!) and tell FlowrLady that if you get the chance to talk gardening with her, jump at it. SHe's given me all kinds of roses and perennials and even designed my front yard garden that I get huge raves about. She knows her stuff and isn't afraid to tell it like it is. And she has one of the most beautiful "naturalized" type gardens I've ever seen with flowers and roses everywhere.

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FlowrLady(7/MS Olive Bran)

HollySprings, I agree with you on the plant abuse. It is hard for me to shop sometimes because I see everything crammed together and just croaking for a drink of water. It hurts my heart... I really enjoyed your presentation. It was obvious to me that you knew a whole lot about what we were doing. Thank you for being there. You filled in all the 'empty places' that might not have been discussed :) I received an on-line survey from HD about the seminar. I tried to give as much info as I could, because it was a good experience.

I was hoping you'd see my post and respond... now I have an on-line way to talk with you.

Kathryn, I'm going to be visiting that HD more often. I've only been there two times because it is so new, but I'll be going back more often now to see HollySprings.

Thanks, y'all!

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