6 hydrangea for foundation planting, need to figure out right mix

ILoveBelgianMalinois ToPieces(z7, Wash DC)October 8, 2009

i'm hoping someone can lend some advice. i bought 6 different types of hydrangea to put in the back of some evergreen azaleas in my front garden. I am not sure quite how to situate them, ie, which ones next to which ones as I'm new to growing hydrangea. They all seem to have similar growth habits in terms of size but thought i'd ask. Here is what i have:

big daddy

midnight duchess

angel lace frau reiko

twist & shout

Penny mac


So far the limelight are the most beautiful out of the nursery with the flowers standing upright on strong stalks BUT they say they can get to 5' which is TOO big...ALSo i'm worried that Big Daddy flowers will drop too far to ground as to not be seen from street!

Any advice or comments at all would be so greatly appreciated!!


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Are they all in bloom? Here is Angels Lace in full bloom. The blooms turn beatiful shades of vaigated green and seems to keep its color better with dappled shade. I have mine in dappled shade and it still is holding its green colors but my friend bought hers the same day and hers gets about half a day of morning light and the flowers browned out on her about a month ago.

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