Sweet Olive

wifesaysnogolfJune 8, 2012

First time poster! Great website? I have a sweet olive(SW MS is the location) that needs to be trimmed. When is the best time to prune? Also, will sand encourage my St. Augustine to spread? Thank ya'll so much and I pray for rain because we need it bad.

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wisner_gw wisner

I would say to prune it while it is dormant. Sand won't help your St Augustine. They recommend a 3-1-2 ratio fertilizer for it such as 15-5-10. You could also spread some compost on it such as Cotton Burr or some bagged cow manure. Good luck on getting some rain.

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Thank You wisner.

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cajunbelle(z9 LA.)

i would not prune while dormant. becasue it while then have tender tips that can freeze easily and kill the olive tree.

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If u are pruning back to a branch or trunk u can do that any time and that is called thinning I think. If you are tip pruning or "heading back" I think it is called, that is what stimulates new growth that would be tender when it comes out and would freeze when the frost/freezes come. However, I never really understood why that was such a big problem, it can just be pruned off in the spring. Except it would look bad and maybe get a fungal infection or something being damaged. Really if it's an established healthy shrub/tree, I think it would take the pruning anytime. If you decide to wait until spring, then make any heading back cuts lower than you want the final height becoz u will stimulate new growth.

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