What palms are you growing?

Django(z9 LA)June 21, 2005

Driving around town I try to keep track of the variety of palms that we can grow or try to grow here. What are you growing? What stands up well to the torrential rain and occasional freeze?

In the ground, I am growing: canary island date palm (phoenix canariensis), silver date palm (phoenix sylvestris), triangle palm (neodypsis decaryi), foxtails (wodyetia bifurcata), chinese fan palm (livistona chinensis), queen palms (syagrus romanzooffiana), sabal palmettos, mexican fan palm (washingtonia robusta) and a bismarkia nobilis.

My bismarkia is hanging on by its last frond (I hope it is just getting its roots established.)

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tamivileine(z8b OS,MS, US)

I have a couple cabbage sabals, a pindo (Butia capitata), a couple windmill palms (Trachycarpus fortunei) and a chinese fan palm (Livistona chinensis). Growing rampant and wild are the palmettos (Sabal minor)

Around town I see: various sabals, canary i. dates, pindos, washingtonias and palmettos. Further south and west, in the Waveland area, people are getting away with growing queen palms, but it's a bit warmer there, and they'll burn here in OS.

sea ya

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