70-Year-Old Hydrangea Tree

Sue-Zone5October 25, 2013

My grandmother used to live next to us and I always remember her hydrangea tree. It's still alive today and has to be at least 70 or more by now. Parts have died out, but it continues to bloom. Does anyone know how long they live? Also, should I fertilize it? If so, when and with what?

PS~I have taken some slips. I hope to winter them over on our enclosed porch. The heat does come on at times when our furnace runs and it's quite warm, but for only a brief amount of time. The rest of the time (90%) it's quite cold out there. Does this sound like a good place for them or not? I'm new to this but quite interested!

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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

It sounds like it is quite happy and is well treated. Hope it continues to be. You could put a layer of compost or composted manure in Spring. Normally 1/4 to 1/2" thick is ok. You can also use cottonseed meal. If the soil has not been fertilized in a while, consider doing a soil test to check for mineral deficiencies.

Clippings will not do well in such an environment as they lack a good root system and will need moisture that is not frozen. If they go below 32 in the porch... I dunno; , they could turn to mush.

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Please take some pictures, with something in them that gives a sense of scale. I'd be very interested to see the size.

Hydrangeas root very easily. I usually put a freezer bag over the pot to keep humidity close to 100%. Temp needs to stay around 70ish. Takes about three months to develop a really good root system.

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Our family home has one that is at least 70 years and about 25 feet tall with quite a trunk. I have seen it bloom for the last 50 plus years!!!!

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