elaeagnus (silverthorn, I think?)

michal_ms(MS, USA)June 8, 2005

N. MS. I want a dense hedge, tall, trimmed to six feet across the front of my yard. I plan to put a gate across the driveway. Looking for privacy, keep neighbors' dogs out of the yard. Want it to look pretty.

I want a sure thing (well in so far as that's possible with gardening!) I have full sun across the front, well drained, acidic soil.

Is elaeagnus the best choice??

If not, what is? If elaeagnus is the best choice, what size plants do I need to buy if I want a six foot hedge in three or four years?

Thanks for your help! It is much appreciated!

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oubliette(z7 MS)

Eleagnus grows fast in full sun and is very hardy. I planted three to screen the A/C unit, and had a hard time keeping it trimmed. After about one year it was about 4-5 feet in height and started sending up thorny shoots that reached the roofline. It had to be trimmed three to four times per year to keep it looking nice. If you are using it as a hedge, this may not be as important, but it will get much taller than six feet.

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In Alabama the highway department uses the variegated eleagnus to screen the ugly concrete of overpasses. There are some that are close to 12' tall. The long wild shoots are wonderful in floral arrangements.

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Heavinsent(z9 La)

Elaeagnus Multiflora (Sweet scarlet Goumi) would also be a good choice. It gets fragrant flowers and produces a sweet tart fruit that attract birds. Growth is simlar to silverthorn.
Just a thought.

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