A couple Updated Photos -- Full Sun Hosta Update

jamiedolan(4/5)June 30, 2011

Halcyon in front yard, under weeping willow; about 11 days after planting, it looks like the willow is giving it enough shade as it looks quite nice:

Aomori gold showing signs of new growth. Some of the leaves seemed to take a little beating in the first few days after planting, but it is looking much better now.

I took a chance with a few Hosta in the sun that I didn't know if they would be tolerant or not. Christmas Tree has proven to be exceptionally tolerant of full sun and is looking great with only very minor imperfections. This has been in for just over 3 weeks now.

August Moon had a little trouble adjusting to full sun and I did have to snip off some burnt leaves, but 80+% of the leaves held up very well to full sun and it is rapidly pushing out new growth; again just over 3 weeks:

Fire & Ice is the other Hosta that I put into full sun, not knowing how it would take it, it did very well, very little damage, again just over 3 weeks in this location:

I recently added Sum and Subtle, but it is somewhat shaded and it is doing fine. Sum and Substance I have in a lot of sun are actually taking a bit of a beating. Christmas Tree is in the lead for taking the most sun with almost no damage.

This is new as of this week, Pineapple Juice:

Elgans; $2 at Walmart at the end of the season last year, I finally planted it this week, had been living in the pot from the store until I planted it.

This green MASS of Hosta was from Walmart 2 years ago, any idea what it is? I know it isn't lancifolia because the leaves are too wide.

Close up on the leaves:

I knew the name of this one in the past, but I forgot what it is, any guesses / hints?:

Fun new Interesting Hosta coming this afternoon via UPS, I will post photos later -- very likely a number of Hosta many have not seen before.



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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

last one looks like francee or frosted jade

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Looks like Frosted Jade

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Francee sounds very familiar to me, I think that must be what it is.
Thank You

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